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Muscle factory Team 


Looking for a trainer to help take your training to the next level, check out the best  MF Team in the San Antonio area.  

Contact our MF Team directly to schedule a session and to obtain additional  details on their training packages and availability. 


de Manincor

ifbb pro & Personal Trainer

Physical & mental health is vital to having a good quality of life. As a single mom of two, I understand life gets busy. Your health is necessary if you care about those around you. I am a professional IFBB wellness athlete & full-time personal trainer with 7 years experience as a bodybuilder. My passion lies in helping people reach their physical goals while maintaining a healthy state of mind. I can assist in diet, training and posing, and I accept all levels of clients, from novice to more experienced.

IG: @themusclemommy

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Seneka williams

ifbb pro & Personal Trainer

 I am a Certified Personal Trainer and  IFBB Pro Classic Physique athlete with over 15 years of experience in personal training. As a competitor myself, I knows what it takes to take the body to the next level. My missions is to fulfill each of my client’s individual fitness and nutritional needs.

IG: @senekawilliams

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Jojo gonzalez

ifbb pro & personal trainer

I am an IFBB Men’s Physique Olympian. Health and wellness is a big part of my life, I found out at a early age that it’s important to take care your body and mind through physical activity. I coach and became a trainer to help unlock potential in clients who seek to reach new levels within their own capabilities. 

IG:  @jojo_ifbbpro

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ScoTt trout

ifbb pro & Personal Trainer

I started bodybuilding in 1988 and  have been competing since 1992. Over that time I’ve competed in 35 contests winning shows in each of the last 3 decades. I turned Pro in the IFBB in Classic Physique at the North American Championships. As an IFBB pro I’ve place in the top of every Masters Pro contest I’ve competed in including two 2nd place finishes.

I have been coaching and training athletes at all fitness levels for over 20 years.

IG: @ifbbpro.Scott.redbeard.trout

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personal trainer

I was born, raised, and served in the military (U.S. Airforce, 1997-2001).  As an avid athlete since high school and serving in the military , I have over a decade of experience competing on the national level. I specialize in strength and conditioning.  In addition, I can provide meal plans that focus on healthy living to competition prep. 

Tel: 210.296.7323

IG: dale.t.robison

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personal Trainer

I’m David, better known as Mr. Isenberg. I’ve been in the fitness and supplement  industry for over 12 years where I served as a supplement shop manager. During that time, I helped all types of people, of all ages reach their goals from packing on muscle, to trimming down, or even a general overall healthy living style. I received a bachelors in rehabilitative science (pre-physical therapy  and athletic training) from the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) to help have a better understanding of how to rehab and break down the body in  as simple way. I’ve competed and excelled in all types of sports ranging from powerlifting, to bodybuilding, to strongman, baseball, track, football, and semi pro soccer . Currently, I am a national competitor in both powerlifting and bodybuilding.  There is no task too big or small that I can't do.  I offer trainings/supplemental knowledge/support for all abilities to help you crush your goals too.  

IG: @mr.isenberg


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personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Rawlison also known as Raul. I served in the Military for 10 years. 5 Army and 5 Coast Guard. During which time I started Personal Training. It’s been 8 years and I don’t plan on stopping. I have an extreme passion for making fitness accessible to all. I’ve worked with bodybuilders, Service members, and college-level athletes, to work around injuries, post surgeries, and rehabilitation, helping them reach their goals. I find ways to work around issues to make workouts effective no matter current shape/condition you are in. I have two degrees from Purdue University (Nutrition and Health and Wellness) and numerous certifications from the NASM and ISSA. For me, education never stops. I can take you from point A to point B while giving you the knowledge you need to keep you moving forward towards your goals. I specialize in Hypertrophy training and healthy living for all ages. I’ve been a vegetarian the majority of my life.

IG: @Rawlison_fit

Cell: 726.348.9868

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da'von barnes

personal Trainer

I'm an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist with experience in general fitness & wellness. I specialize in fat loss, muscle building, and strength training. This is not just something I teach but a lifestyle. I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals through motivation, nutrition, supplementation, and of course the proper workout regimen! I make it my business to build your confidence in me and yourself. 


Your first session with me is FREE! 

Let's get you started on your fitness journey! 



Phone: 512-749-2126 


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Dr. Todd Akers

personal Trainer



I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy with expertise in rehab, training, and health. I have been practicing since 2015 and as a certified dry needling Specialist, certified Neufit trainer, manual

therapist, and exercise specialist I bring a comprehensive approach to physical therapy and


In addition to my medical qualifications, I'm an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and personal trainer. My

dedication to the field is evident in my diverse experience, ranging from rehabilitating and

training professional and elite athletes of all ages to assisting individuals in achieving a pain-free

lifestyle in everyday tasks.


My specialization extends across the entire body, including TMJ and headaches. Driven by a

genuine desire to see individuals thrive, my approach combines expertise, empathy, and a

profound understanding of the human body which has built me to becoming a highly sought-

after professional in the realms of physical therapy, training, and overall well-being.

IG: @Apex_Rehab_PT

IG: @todd.akers.ifbbpro


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Physical Therapist, IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer,

NeuFit Expert Trainer

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